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Eat Sensibly

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

For two years I’ve had this restaurant on my radar and finally got a chance to go - It didn’t disappoint. Sense Eat is tucked away in the eclectic 6th arrondissement region of Paris, France famously known as the Latin Quarter. Sense Eat is on rue Mazarine, located in Odéon neighborhood. Although it is an Italian Restaurant but Sense Eat's 5 star french techniques in cooking are very evident with each bite you take. The fruits and vegetables used in each meal are certified organic and simply tastes delicious. Arriving at the restaurant we came just in time before most restaurants in Paris close for lunch.

Customer Service

The servers were very nice and their customer service was stellar. With a pleasant attitude the two young ladies seated us at a finely set table. The ambience was inviting, earthy and very zen. So with the little French we knew, we proceeded to order from the menu.

The Menu

Chef Maurizio Carlucci definitely knows his craft. The menu changes everyday and leaves the adventurous eater excited about the choice of daily varieties. So technically you could eat something different here everyday . We ordered the Ravioli, Bio Tofu and Gnocchi de Pommes. Let me tell you this was not your ordinary ravioli, tofu and pasta de potatoes! With every bite of each meal you could sense the chef used fresh ingredients that paired well together. The thinly grated carrots slices used to garnish the tofu tasted infused delicately with seasonal herbs. The mushrooms where hearty and filling. The organic tofu tempura was firm yet delicate enough it melted in your mouth like something so heavenly and divine. The homemade gnoocchi and ravioli pasta from the rich flours of Italian "Della Langa" make these dishes exquisite.

My Review

Vegetarian and Vegan food options are becoming more popular, even with fine dining. Sense Eat gives you fresh and organic, home cooked dishes with star quality guarantee. Everybody will feel like a celebrity after they eat here. The five star quality food and dining experience comes with a price tag. Although the average entree ranges from the 17 Euros Pomodoro & Anguria ( Tomatos confit, roasted water melon, homemade kimchi and Frisella from Pouilles) to 32 euros Risotto Vialone Nano (Black Truffles), it’s place you definitely want to visit at least once in your lifetime. As for me and my family we’ll definitely be back.

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